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24x7 Pest Management Services!
Aurangabads 1st ISO 14001:2004 & ISO 9001:2008 Certified Pest Management Company.

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24×7 Pest Management Services is honored with Aurangabad’s 1st ISO 14001:2004 & ISO 9001:2008 Certified Pest Management Company. Our Pleasure to have own Corporate Office right there in the heart of the city Aurangpura, Aurangabad to serve our Client with excellence. Moving ahead we are now providing Pest Management Services in Aurangabad, Pune & Ahmednagar for Industrial, Commercial and Residential Customers. Our Clients are from Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals, Food Industries, Packaging Industries, Water Processing Industries, Engineering Industries, Government Offices, Hotels & Restaurants, Printing Industries, Schools, University, Cinema Theaters, Construction Industries, Hospitals, Warehouses, Banks and many more residential customers who have benefited from our effective solutions. We are authorized for these Services.

We use products which are one of the best sanitary insecticides recommended by WHO, certified by National Anti Malaria Program me (NAMP), and recommended as household insecticide by Directorate of Plant Protection, Quarantine & Storage, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India. Products which we use for treatment give high performance, residual insecticide that provides control of pest for longer duration, it is suitable for use in Industries, Hospitals, Kitchen, Restaurants, Schools, Residential, Food processing and Food storage areas etc. These Products are safe to non target animals and human beings, has long lasting effect. Most of products are odorless, non-staining, non greasy and non irritant.

Pest control activities are usually related to protection of disease transmission by animals and insects such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, rodents etc. Pest Management activities are also related to the protection of material, ranging from food, fabrics to properties. Pest activities are widely recognized as threatening to either health or destruction of material possessions, 24X7 is a reputed organization providing cost effective solution for all type of pest problems.

Our Mission

Mission Statement
24×7 Pest Management Services is a team of dedicated, positive, and successful members who constantly strive to conduct themselves with the highest level of integrity and honesty. Earning our clients’ trust and confidence through building relationships and delivering exceptional, consistent services. We will protect the health and property of our clients. Our valuable services will be of the highest quality
Customer Service
The number one goal of the company is Customer service. We as a company should stand out above the rest for providing the best service possible. Exceeding expectations is our motto and something that should be strived for on every account we have.
Safety: Both Chemical & Personal
We have an obligation and commitment to be environmentally friendly and insure our customers and employees safety. The use of low toxicity products provides Truly Nolen the tools to not only be effective, but also to protect our clients, technicians and the natural resources surrounding us.
Acquire & Keep Costumers
No business can continue or grow without adding customers. Keeping these customers is even more important. It is proven time and again that it costs more money to get new customers than it does to keep the ones you have.
Follow- Up & Quality Control
Everyone needs to be able to measure progress. Our way of measuring progress and understanding what our customers want.
Not an expense, but an investment. We firmly believe this and have proven that it will reduce employee turnover while increasing customer retention. Ongoing training in the latest techniques is essential in the Pest Management Business. New innovations within the company along with new products on the market are constantly being introduced. Reinforcement of policies and treating standards are also important to keep in the minds of employees.

Our Vision

The vision of 24×7 Pest Management Services is to provide peace of mind to our community by protecting and preserving health and property through state- of- the- art maintenance services for our residential, commercial, and industrial clients, while creating a safe, fun work environment for our team members.


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Best Service


Good Quality


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Such is our vision and mission, and these are our goals, which we suppose are common with yours too, except that we provide such services, and you would like to receive them. Try calling us. We’re here, wide awake and waiting to help.

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WE KNOW OUR STUFFWe have invested millions to develop award-winning training programs that extend well beyond the classroom.

24×7 PMS is to helping protect public health by helping to prevent and control pests as well as educating consumers on the potential health risks posed by these pests.
At 24×7 PMS, we believe that it is our responsibility to care for the earth’s environment while still helping to control pests in our customers’ homes and businesses.
We help students across the country learn about pests and pest management by providing educators with learning resources they can use in their school science curriculum.

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